Montville Market - April 13

22-01-2013 10:30:00

Looking for a reason for a day trip to Montville? Come on up to the next Montville market on Saturday April 13. 
Start with a breakfast of organic buckwheat pancakes or a bacon-and-egg burger with an excellent coffee from the coffee cart outside the hall or a pot of tea in an old-fashioned pot with a hand-knitted tea-cosy.
Once you’re fuelled up, it’s time to browse the stalls. First to the bread stall for a sourdough loaf from Les and Lesley at Crystal Waters. Then some jam to go on that bread or maybe some organic hummus and delicious smoked smallgoods.  You’ll also find fresh vegetables, seafood and home-baked biscuits.
And if you have gardening questions, this is the place to ask an expert and buy native plants, vegetable seedlings and medicinal and culinary herbs.

Contributed by Louise Boylen, Montville Grove Accommodation

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