Car Parking Summary of Commitments

07-06-2016 22:40:00

Summary of Commitments from Councilor Jenny Mckay:


  • Undertook to bring the parking master plan back to the Chamber Executive within a monthfor final deliberations.
  • Better signage and improvement to the motorbike parks.
  • Council is in discussions about the Chapel Lane car park being opened during business hours.
  • A belief that the Russell Park Car Parking upgrade would be in next year’s budget.
  • The Chamber will work with the Council to lobby the State Government to upgrade theWestern Avenue intersection into a roundabout.
  • Jenny McKay and Gary Taylor would meet with Anton and Shiralee later this month tofurther discuss issues and proposed solutions.


Our Vice Presidents, Anton & Shiralee, will also be meeting with Councilor Jenny McKay and the Landscape Architect, Cameron Dann to look at the draft plan for Russell Family Park.

More than 50 Members, Business owners and Community Members submitted their views in response to the Car Parking Survey that was distributed prior to the meeting.  The final results inclusive of all submissions, can be viewed here (note that results published in the Minutes were submissions from Members only): 



The order of issues, with 1 being most pressing, was as follows:

1 Car spots being used by main street business owners and their staff for the full day.

2 Lack of a plan or timeline to redevelop the Russell Park car park.

3 Closure of the gate at the end of Russell Park, which historically was used for overflow in peak.

4 Locals parking in the commercial zone, even to the point of moving temporary bollards placed to ensure large trucks could unload.

5 Lack of a drop off zone in front of the Post Office/Newsagents/supermarket area specifically for older residents.

6 Parking on the curbside along Western Ave during peak periods creating a potentially dangerous situation. It was noted on occasion that the access to the Fire station was also impacted.

7 Motor bikes parking “one to a spot”, when three or more could use the same space.


It is looking promising that so much focus and dedication is being directed toward improving the Car Parking in Montville, and we can expect some real solutions implemented in the near future.