Health & Safety Small Business Program

12-01-2016 00:15:00

Ralf Spoddig, was in Montville this month, a Business Safety Advisor attached to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland(WHSQ). WHSQ runs an initiative called the ‘Small Business Program’.  This program helps small to medium businesses improve health and safety performance by helping to integrate effective safety management systems into business operations. A Workplace Health and Safety Advisor will work with the business throughout the program to develop and implement their safety systems.

The service offered is free and confidential and is not a part of the Inspectorate.

They provide

· Safety workshops – We have a number of relevant safety workshops that we can present.

· Workplace consultations -  Small businesses can request a free, onsite consultation with a safety advisor for one-on-one assistance.

· Presentations and information sessions -  Safety advisors are available to talk to industry groups, managers and employees about workplace safety issues and managing risk.

· Group sessions -  Group advisory sessions are available for small businesses that are linked by industry, supply chains or location.

· Workplace safety guidance -  Tools, templates, checklists and other resources are available at

Some of the advantages of Incorporating safety into your business can help you to:

·         improve productivity and quality

·         build organisational capacity

·         improve employee relations and staff retention

·         reduce costs including workers compensation insurance

·         grow your business and tender for new business.

·         help you meet legislative requirements

Contact Ralf for more details [email protected]