Montville is on the Map

29-04-2014 10:16:00

VillageHall_MemorialGates.jpgThe Montville Map and History Trail features a short trail starting in the historical precinct in Memorial Close near the Montville Village Hall.

The longer History and Art Trail option includes the streetscaping artwork presenting a pictorial record of Montville’s heritage.

Take the time to walk down memory lane and enjoy a fascinating insight into our history beginning with the indigenous Boonyi Gatherings bunya tree feasts at nearby Baroon Pocket.

The Montville Chamber would like to acknowledge the input of those many dedicated people who assisted with developing this publication, in particular, Paula Phillips, Cate Patterson, Bevan Christensen, David Parminter, Pam Maegdefrau and the Montville Visitor Information Centre. Maps will be available at the Montville Visitor Information Centre and the Montville Village Hall from May 8.

Next time you have the chance, pick up a map and take yourself on a guided tour. You'll be surprised at what you'll find that you may have overlooked in the past.

These inlay tiles are the first two in a series made by Montville State School students under the direction of Trevor Spohr showing the pictorial history of the school. They can be found on the footpath in front of the school as part of the short History Trail. 

 MontvilleBus.jpg        School.jpg          

Razorback House is the original school building. Montville Village Hall began as the School of Arts building in 1903.