2020/21 Montville Chamber of Commerce
Executive Committee

Shiralee Cooper, President, Illume Creations

Alan Dryden, Vice President, The Falls Montville

Otto Lechner, Treasurer, Aim To Be

Kristy Aitken, Maple Weddings and Events

Ali Khan, Narrows Escape

Michelle Rodney, Misty View Cabins

Martin Duncan, Sunshine Coast Foodie

Martyn Baldwin, Support2U

Ryan Hollis, Ever Focus

Lisa Brereton, Celebrant

Andrew Fairbairn, Visit Sunshine Coast Liaison

Nicole Hilton, Secretary/Administration Officer                                                                                                        

Montville Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 253, Montville, Queensland, 4560

Phone: 0477 822 975

Website: www.montvillecommerce.com.au

Email: [email protected]